About us

Mission Statement:

Our aim is to provide readily available, human-grade, healthy, and nutrient-rich products that are appropriate for different species and enhance the lives of pets.

We are committed to setting trends in our industry by exclusively sourcing from companies that continually improve their product lines. As the pet food industry advances, we pledge to enhance our product offerings accordingly.

We are dedicated to offering as many Canadian and eco-friendly product options as possible without compromising the high quality that our customers have come to trust. Supporting our local economy is paramount, and by sourcing locally and from Canadian manufacturers, we reduce gas consumption and emissions during transportation.

Our Products: Locally and Canadian Made

The recent pandemic has reinforced the importance of supporting our local economy. Therefore, almost all our raw pet foods are manufactured in Canada. Our extensive range includes a variety of Canadian-made pet treats, and our selection of dry, canned, and dehydrated pet foods continues to grow with more Canadian brands.

While sourcing local and Canadian-made products remains a top priority, we steadfastly uphold the high-quality standards expected by our customers, regardless of the product's origin.


Here to Help

Our mission is to assist you with all your pet needs. We are dedicated to being adaptive and customer centric.

Committed to Quality and Health

Prioritizes supporting the local Canadian economy by sourcing products locally and from Canadian manufacturers.

Local and Eco-Friendly Focused

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